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Resources are wasted

WASTE – especially the ORGANIC waste that floods landfills in Vietnam.
Mostly, they are overloaded in anaerobic conditions (generating CH4, NO2 and many other gases) which adversely affects the environment. Meanwhile, this is considered an abundant source of raw materials that can be made into organic microbial fertilizers to fertilize many farms, for green buildings, for groups doing natural farming, for the fields of agriculture. forests planted according to FSC standards.

Resources are wasted
While Vietnam each year needs more than 11 million tons of inorganic fertilizers and currently only 2% of the land is cultivated organically. Is it alarming when inorganic fertilizers are used, but its consequences will cause soil degradation, reduce "life expectancy" and affect people - agriculture - the environment?

From reality to action

How to process organic waste into organic fertilizer that is beneficial to the soil and plants, while minimizing the impact on the environment?
That is the concern that urges us to search and try to contact domestic and foreign companies about the organic waste treatment machine. However, the result is that this machine is super expensive (nearly a billion VND, including shipping and agency commissions). What's inside a pandora black box that makes this machine so expensive? Why don't I try to make one...

From reality to action
So far, KOMPOVI has been in operation, when it is cheaper to produce at least half or more if it is done on a large scale. In addition, with the RCT (Rapid Composting Technology) super-fast incubation technology, it takes advantage of IMO4 yeast (which is a native yeast combined with yeast cultured from yogurt and wine yeast, easy to make for the community, suitable for both climate) instead of using expensive foreign imported yeast.

Solutions for organic waste

KOMPOVI hopes that every market, residential area or supermarket that has a lot of food… will order this organic waste treatment machine. “Sạch làng, sạch bản, sạch đường phố”, hãy làm bất cứ điều gì để cuộc sống an lành, đất Mẹ trở về nguyên bản.